Dr. Michael Pedicino

Improvise!  Be Creative!  Feel!  Think!

Dr. Michael Pedicino, Ph.D. Improvise! Be Creative! Feel! Think!

Dr. Michael Pedicino
Psychologist/Licensed Professional Counselor

My mission, as a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and creative psychologist (PhD), is to explore and guide my patients to a better way of living, feeling, and thinking.

Unfortunately, so many of us begin our lives within the “framework,” doctrine, and thinking of others.

As we grow, we do not allow our own creative self to evolve.

We absorb dogmatic, restrictive, and biased ways of thinking from parents, relatives, teachers, and other figures of authority, without allowing the blossoming of our own expression.

My therapeutic approach is to help one find his/her true identity, respect the self, and grow forever.

Respect, appreciation, and integrity for oneself and others must always be at the forefront of our thinking, so that we do not allow our “perceptions” to disable the value of our own self-worth, true feelings, creativity, and cognition.

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